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Video Verite and Other Stories [William Petrick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In our media-saturated world, the line between reality and. In the title story, an accomplished skydiver goes airborne with a video camera to capture the love of his life, but a small oversight upends his best intentions.

Our remarkable editor is Jan Sutcliffe, who has worked with me on prior films. I absolutely trust and rely upon her creative eye and strong story sensibilities.

Once in the editing room, we quickly learned a couple of things that would reshape the story we initially proposed. After seeing the footage assembled by Jan, I could tell that the high school story was not going to work as a third story to be interwoven with those of Tresa Nash and Kerry Harvard Park. The story was good, but as a high school had a different set of issues from those of an elementary or middle school.

In addition to not meshing well with the other stories, I felt it would be too difficult to tell a cogent story with so many characters and different storylines unfolding within one film. David and Jan agreed; so, early on, we decided to tell the story with two schools.

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We hoped to tell the high school story in a short film or vignette, and to make it a part of the outreach DVD. While we felt that Joan had done a superb job of interviewing many of our subjects, we wondered if we could tell the story solely through the voices of our principals. We made the painful decision to edit the film without her in it. In the end, this proved to be the right choice.

The principals are able to tell their own stories, through their own voices, and thus their characters are more engaging and more present in the film. Telling stories through the voices of the subjects without a third-person narrator, however, makes it more difficult to add context to connect certain scenes to what is going on in the larger picture of education across the country — without disrupting the flow of the story. Our solution was to provide text over images, which were interspersed within the film when context was needed.

We purposely chose two principals who were in different stages of their professional development. Kerry was a six-year veteran when we started and Tresa was beginning her second year. We realized that people watching the film might forget that Tresa was a new principal, and might, at times, unfairly compare her to Kerry. Jessica Schwartz, senior communications officer, was my main contact at Wallace. I was incredibly pleased and honored to be working with such a knowledgeable and capable person. She was the force at the foundation that had pushed for a film to be produced and was committed to its success.

I was very impressed by her respect for the creative process. She gave us the freedom we needed to create the film we thought was best, and she was also available for support and information when we needed it. The same can be said of key foundation staff, Frederick Brown our senior program officer , Lucas Held director of communications and Richard Laine director of education.

At the fine-cut stage, we invited all four of them to view the film and received helpful comments that assisted us in clarifying scenes and adding context. Throughout the making of this film, David and I learned many things about public education. It has never been clearer that our schools in low-income communities need to be more than schools; they need to provide emotional and social support for the students and their families. In addition, principals, teachers and school administrators need better training and support; and incentives need to be offered to attract the best teachers and principals to the most challenging schools.

If that happens, then rest assured, our public schools will improve. As Tod's producing and directing partner, I would like to add a few observations. For better or worse, a school is the sum of its many complicated but essential parts. Our challenge as filmmakers was that we had to keep our eyes on the principal, while navigating all of these other parts. We could only touch on so many aspects of a principal's job.

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As expected from Figure 5, the text treatments produced a significantly lower level of immersion than the virtual reality equivalents. This would mean producing, recording, and editing the treatments on a similar timeline and ensuring they met a number of consistent qualities, including duration, number of scenes, number of characters, and so forth. As the data analysis shows, both the immersive and non-immersive treatments generated a higher combined empathy score than the text-only control treatment. Seven Slothy Sins Seven Slothy Sins painterly animation approach turns brightly illustrated sloths into moving images, giving the dark human sins a new light hearted approach. We need to stop asking: is this true? The goal was to select three contrasting treatments of degree video from its archive: one without a visible main protagonist, one with, and one with several interchangeable protagonists. We had all these games to figure out.

The relationship between the principal and the district office is crucial, but we would have needed a miniseries format to do justice to it. For the purposes of effective storytelling, Tod and I could only scratch the surface of these relationships.

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During our research phase, we visited many prospective schools. When we first walked in the doors, it was a fascinating experience to feel immediately the warmth and security of a well-run, well-cared for school. Tod and I often commented on the sensation, how a principal's passion and commitment was reflected not just in the paint and student work on the walls, but in the energy emanating from the classrooms.

This experience continued when we visited schools in Kentucky, Georgia, and Oregon to film different programs that are helping principals focus on instruction. The School Administration Manager SAM Project in Louisville, for example, showed how effective it can be for a principal to have an administrative partner.


The principal can then spend more time as an instructional leader in classrooms and with teachers. The featured school, John F. But the treatment could have used more shape. Watching the movie, we see what that means: He had extraordinary physical skill, but a typical Maradona blitz had him dribbling the ball past several opponents with a force of speed that seemed to come from a supreme mental command of time and space, as if he were turning the soccer field into a video game.

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The movie barely touches on the chaotic brawl that Maradona was involved in — and, in fact, spearheaded — in Barcelona at the Copa del Rey final, which half of Spain saw spiral out of control on live television.

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