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James, A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer, The Adventures Ebook Bike wrote a new item 11 minutes ago I was almost seventeen when the spell of my childhood was brokenIt was the beginning of summer and, unbeknown to any of us then, the end of a belle epoque Mercy Snow by Tiffany Baker This is a gripping characterdriven story with touches of magic realism and descriptions of the natural environment of the area.

From the authors descriptions, I felt as if I could not only see the river but smell it as well. Bookshout App.

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O Neally he said, "This just isn t fair. You acted a jerk, So now, your duties you shall not shirk. Forty dragons you will slay, Or this is how you will stay! O Neally nodded, she d expected this, Harold had always been a stinky old fish. Every two hours, till your work is through, You will lose something dear to you. Already you ve lost your touch, next is sight, hearing, smell and taste, You must hurry, boy, there s no time to waste! Over the mountains and down in the valley, All the way to Dragon Alley. He could see them all clearly from where he hid,.

Feeling very much like a scared little kid.

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Gathering his courage, he pulled his sword, and yelled with all his might, But right at that exact moment, he lost his sight. He wanted to give up, he wanted to run, But Harold knew what had to be done. So down he charged, swinging his sword, Shouting out prayers to the Lord.

He heard them fall, Maybe, he thought, this isn t so bad after all. And then, Harold heard something he hadn t before… What was that laughing in the midst of war?

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But before he could question it, or think what to do, He lost his hearing, too. What Harold didn t know was, no matter how hard he d tried, Not a single dragon had died. Dragons were rolling all over the ground, They thought Harold the funniest thing around.

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Hours later, his sense of smell gone, Only one dragon stood standing, and all he did was yawn. Poor Harold! What could he do? He had no idea how many were left, surely just a few. Surprise, surprise, I couldn't find a copy by that other publisher, so I got Henle since I trust them.

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A few notable differences, and a could glaring errors! So I got a copy from a 3rd publisher, had the same errors as with Henle! So, is it the first publisher that was in error, since the next two at agree with each other? I don't think so as the worst errors are quite obviously wrong notes. Good thing I knew the suite well and was able to 'correct' my new scores!

Of course it could also be a case of the first score that I learned the suite from is the one I'm used to.. Half of the pages from my Kalmus WTC fell out all at once. WORST publisher ever! How do they make their books?! Do they have preschoolers do it?!


They don't actually print a very large assortment of music, mostly just standard repertoire. But I like using what they do print because it usually has lots of good fingering. Quote from: davidjosepha on August 09, , PM. I wish there was more consistency in the publications.

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I would need scores with larger note heads and thicker lines so that I could read more easily. I occasionally find one, but so far the scores from the same publisher have been very different when it comes to print quality and style.