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397: Injecting The DNA of Success Into Your Business by Jack Zufelt
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A sense of urgency helps you work at a pace that inspires others to do the same. You just know how fast to move to get things done.

Scientists predict academic achievement from DNA alone

This also allows you to form lasting relationships that elevate the average salesperson from those who achieve great success. Another trait that will help you build genuine relationships in your role, being personable also simply puts people at ease. Most people know when they are being pitched or sold to, but if you can do that while maintaining your sense of self, it makes you a lot more likeable.

Confidence makes you stand out in a crowd and in a sales pitch. Being polished is sort of like combining your skills of confidence and organization — you can show up to a meeting ready to go because you have things in order and your confident in your abilities.

This trait also comes as a result of past successes and takes training and work. It can be differentiated on daily work basis such as nature of the work, feature of the work, purpose of the work, mentality behind the work. Being an entrepreneur is all about mindset.

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High performance entrepreneurship does not happen accidently. It is designed that way. To begin with, start with the right reason, right purpose, and right target.

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One should have urge to think differently, ignite to be an entrepreneur. The following characteristics of a person make right profile to be high performance entrepreneur:. The right profile is not good enough for success in entrepreneurship, one must get right idea.

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To get right idea, sometimes entrepreneurs have to work future backwards and sometimes have to work in present forward manner. High performance entrepreneurs get excited about the big picture, a larger vision and then begin to use in a place.

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A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Predicting educational achievement from DNA.

Molecular Psychiatry , ; DOI: ScienceDaily, 19 July King's College London. Scientists predict academic achievement from DNA alone.

Retrieved September 25, from www. Experts have analyzed the combined effect of genetic variations that Since DNA is at the root of many disease processes, the technique However, a new study suggests that Below are relevant articles that may interest you.


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