New Improved Maltese Dog Training and Behavior Understanding Book

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Maltese are a very distinctive looking breed of dog, with a gorgeous coat of fur.

They have a round skull with a healthy length of broad muzzle and black nose, with well-proportioned bodies and heads for their size. Shortened legs contribute to their overall small stature. Maltese eyes are oval and brown in color. Do Maltese shed at all? All purebred Maltese puppies and dogs are white. You may, however, find that as they age their coat discolors in places where staining occurs on the fur around their faces.

You can reduce this by wiping their mouths and regular bathing, but are unlikely to be able to avoid it completely. Tear staining can also occur under the eyes, and their faces should be wiped to reduce this too. If you see Maltese puppies of different colors advertised, such as black Maltese, then they will in all likelihood be crossbred. This is a very small breed of dog. In adulthood these dogs will only weigh between four to seven pounds, and will grow up to ten inches in height at most. This is simply an advertising choice made by the breeder, rather than a recognized type of dog.

Be aware that these slightly smaller than average Maltese puppies will be more likely to suffer from health problems associated with their size, and are best avoided.


Responsible breeders tend to stick to official terminology when advertising their puppies. And they will breed for the health of the pups, not to cash in on marketing buzzwords. Maltese puppies and dogs tend to be bold, confident and social. They have been bred for generations to be very friendly, and to love human companionship. As lap dogs you will find that they are happy to spend hours curled up with you on the sofa in the evenings. But they will also be very keen to play during the day. Maltese temperament makes them great therapy dogs, as they are happy to be fussed and petted by anyone and everyone.

The down side of this is that they are prone to separation anxiety, as they simply love to be around people. Maltese dogs love the sound of their own voices. They are keen barkers, and excellent watchdogs. If you want a breed who is likely to let you know every time someone approaches the front door, a Maltese is unlikely to let you down.

However, if you live in a very built up area or are quite noise averse, a Maltese might not be ideal for you. With proper training from the time your puppy gets home, you can reduce the tendency to bark somewhat, but you may have difficulty completely stopping a Maltese dog from yapping from time to time. Maltese normally have a bright and cheerful disposition, and are happy to greet family, friends and strangers with equal joy.

Maltese are strong willed little dogs. Due to their bold and confident natures, they are not suited to traditional punishment based training methods.

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Some Maltese love jumping in small pools of water. He trained me to better understand Simba and to make it easier for me to alter his behaviors. Showing Almost all the members of this breed are intelligent and enjoy learning tricks when lavishly praised for their deeds. Bichon Maltiase, Often wrongly referred to as Maltese Terrier.

They do, however, respond excellently to modern reward based methods. Maltese are intelligent, capable of activities such as agility and even tracking. They can also make fabulous performers. You can teach this lively little dog lots of tricks to show off to your friends. Although this breed is naturally well tempered, socialization is still important.

This enables your dog to grow up to be confident in a variety of situations and with a range of people. Although they are lapdogs by breeding, Maltese puppies and adults still require regular exercise to stay fit, healthy and happy. A backyard is recommended for ease of potty training your puppy , but is not essential in terms of exercise if you are committed to taking him for walks throughout the day.

You may also be interested in crate training. Due to their small size they are at risk of injury from bigger dogs. So you will need to pick them up, on occasion, to keep them safe if a suspicious dog approaches during your walk.

As a closed-register pedigree dog breed, the Maltese is prone to some inherited health problems. It also is at risk of suffering from some health problems relating to their very small stature. Although the breed does have a fairly long list of potential health problems, if you buy your puppy from a good breeder you can drastically reduce the chances of them suffering from many of them. They also have a lot of the qualities of some other more popular dog breeds, such as the Pug, without the crippling structural health problems that are bred into those breeds.

Maltese dogs may also suffer from some diseases common to all closed-register pedigree dog breeds. These include Progressive Retinal Atrophy and some eye problems such as glaucoma and cataracts.

New Improved Maltese Dog Training and Behavior Understanding Book

It is not uncommon for heart murmurs to be picked up at first vet checks when Maltese puppies are young. Most will grow out of this, but heart murmurs in older dogs can be more of a cause for concern. You can reduce the chances of your dog suffering by making sure that their parents have had recent health checks. Due to their small skull size, Maltese dogs can suffer from dental overcrowding. This can be assisted by regular veterinary check-ups and teeth cleaning.

This is a condition that causes a characteristic shuddering of the dog, with shaking or shivering movements. It is also known as idiopathic cerebellitis, which refers to the part of the brain, the cerebellum, becoming inflamed.

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White dogs are more prone to this disorder, which can be severe enough to require them to spend some time in a veterinary hospital. If there is, then this litter is best avoided, and your puppy search should be continued elsewhere.

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New Improved Maltese Dog Training and Behavior Understanding Book - Kindle edition by Vince Stead. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. New Improved Maltese Dog Training and Behavior Understanding Book [Vince Stead] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a new and.

Deafness has been linked to the gene for white coat color, and these dogs have a higher than average chance of deafness as a result. Your puppy should have been vet checked before he comes home. Therefore, you should know whether they have hearing problems before you decide whether to choose them as your new companion.

How to Clean and Groom your Maltese The 5 Different Kinds of Worms that can harm your Dog How to Deworm your Maltese for Good Health Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages.

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More Details Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 14, Bella rated it it was amazing. I liked this book because I love the dog breed Maltese.

The facts they give you are very helpful. I definitely want to read more books like this. I love the graphics because they are helpful to know which is which thing. I love the pictures of the cute dogs too. My favorite part of the book is learning about behavior of the Maltese.

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I recommend this book to lots of people. Rachel rated it really liked it Aug 12, Pages are intact and are not marred by notes or highlighting, but may contain a neat previous owner name. The spine remains undamaged. Synopsis: This is a new and improved Maltese dog care book!

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