Esoteric Healing - Part 2

The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses (Part 2)
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Unintentional ASMR: Real soft voice during esoteric healing session

There are other words within Scriptures that are used interchangeably in the place of the Holy Spirit; that are symbolic of the Holy Spirit. These are:.

When the etheric body is unbalanced and the energetic vibrations are disrupted it impacts the physical body, ultimately ending with what we call diseases of the body. Conversely, when our bodies are traumatized by things like broken bones and cuts, they will eventually be reflected in the etheric body unless there is an intervention to prevent this from happening, i.


An illness can appear in an energy field weeks and even months befoe it appears in the physical body. Absolutely agree with your comments Advanced Research Technology. Like Like.

Esoteric Healing

I was waiting for a time in which others would see this too. And now some are.

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Notify me of new comments via email. It is a non-intrusive, non-invasive technique that supports and allows the client to rest deeply with themselves.

Serge Benhayon

EE: Lien Cactio. It regulates their vital processes and guides them through the nuclei. Lord, let my complaints come before Thee. Intelligentia Gamael". Psalms 73 to The woman should carry the ashes upon her person in a linen patch in the summer, or a woolen patch in the winter. With this Psalm also there is no prescribed prayer given.

At present there are four courses available that teach this modality. Each one is held once a year both in Australia and the UK. It is a requirement that they are attended in order starting with Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1.

Esoteric Quest Part 2 – featured

The dates of the courses are arranged such that they cannot all be completed in one calendar year, thereby giving students the time and grace to embody the teachings. All of the courses involve presentations and revelations delivered by Serge Benhayon, interactive group work, question and answer sessions and hands-on healing whereby the students exchange sessions with support from facilitators.

No two courses are the same as every presentation is delivered in accordance to what is required on the day by the specific attendees. Over one hundred new participants attend SEH 1 each year.

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Many people choose to repeat the courses and experience deeper levels of healing and awareness. You can read here some deeply touching testimonials about the real life effects of this modality. Revealing what energetic awareness is and how we can heal ourselves when we understand energy is the underlying cause of illness and disease. Serge Benhayon June