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Eat, slay, love / Jesse Petersen.
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Bare face, reduced colors, no prints. Think street style chic.

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Eventually she grew up, at least in body, but she still loves anything with whimsy, and her books reflect that. You can find Jesse at her website JessePetersen.

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Must redeem within 90 days. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love. Sign up and get a free eBook! Yes, there was an English option - but it was all still so foreign to me. The names of the cities, if there were any stops between the ride, where to go if that happens, where not to go if that happens, or if it even happens. I walked to the numbered train and got on. And then I really panicked. I looked at the ticket, evaluating it, hoping something would tell me I was going the right way. I asked the dreaded question of what if I go the wrong way. Part of me said, well I could explore; the other, much stronger part, said I will never make it to Bruges.

Then someone asked me a question in another language. It was the first, out of many, awkward encounters I would have on this trip. I told them I only speak English and they smiled and walked away. Then the whole group stared at me for what was, most likely, a mere 4 seconds. But it seemed like 50 and it seemed like they were going to ask me another question and it freaked out for 45 minutes.

So I searched and searched google, the top right corner of my phone saying I was wasting perfectly good battery life for an answer I already knew. My brain was so scattered that I was convinced that the ticket printed out incorrectly. That someone wanted to play a foreign joke on an oblivious American like me.

I smiled and pinched myself for not having the guts to ask if I was going the right way, if I was going to Bruges.

For almost an hour and a half, I sat in my seat in panic. Then I heard Bruges on the announcements and settled. A little. I walked out in the open and said to myself, now what? When you have anxiety, everything is heightened. Everything you do is wrong or too slow. I walked with the crowd and stopped at a bench.

Review: Eat Slay Love by Jesse Petersen

I dropped all of my pens and notebooks, almost walking away before a teenager ran up to me and showed me what I did. I said thank you and she replied in another language.

Do I put my camera down while I pick these pens up? Or will someone come run and steal it. All of these thoughts happen in seconds. But for the amount of time those seconds take, it takes a lot out of you. Through this exhausting time, I still walked around. I got my grandmother her souvenir, I went on a canal tour, I visited two museums one being the biggest in Bruges. I did things. Until I opened the door to Hotel Jan Brito - which I pushed instead of pulled, another embarrassing moment that I would play over and over again for the 3 seconds I had until I had to talk again.

Then my throat started up. I kept all of it in while the hotel manager gave me the tour of the old hotel, but when I finally got inside, it all came out. I cried immediately after I locked the door. I ran to the outlet, as though putting the plug in was my next breath.

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by Jesse Petersen (Goodreads Author) Third book in the Living with the Dead series: a heartwarming tale of terror in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse. See more books by Jesse Petersen. Eat Slay Love (Living with the Dead, Book 3) and millions of other books are available for instant access. Eat Slay Love (Living with the Dead, Book 3) Mass Market Paperback – July 1, Start reading Eat Slay Love (Living with the Dead, Book 3) on your Kindle in under a minute.

Then I called my mom. When she heard my cry, I could feel her compassion already. After I took a breath, she said first off, what you did is amazing. Remember where you were this time last year?

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Snarky, sarcastic, funny…. The whole view spoiler [normal life is happening just on the other side of the Mid-Western Wall hide spoiler ] - was haunting and creepy and resonated in a kind of immigration, economic crisis Wall Street haves vs. Are you ready to be strong? About Jesse Petersen A Facebook application once told Jesse Petersen that she'd only survive a day in a zombie outbreak, but she doesn't believe that. I'm really enjoying this series.

This is amazing Kris. We all would understand if you left, not a lot of people have the courage that you had to do this. Take a nap, you deserve it.