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Previous Next. Duncan has created a most tantalizing, sci-fi and psychological fiction with Deeper Into the Void. With his pen, he launches The Reconciliation, a freighter spacecraft, carrying a highly specialized crew and me to the foot of Olympus Mons — the largest mountain range on the red planet, Mars. Landing safely, Captain Cardiff and her team set about their mission.

On the surface, the mission appears successful as an ecosystem is attempted, as soil and rock samples are taken, as the pond is tested and plant life is growing. Positive reports are sent back to earth, but the answers as to why the first crew went missing do not surface immediately. In fact, with each passing day, the new team begins to experience bazaar happenings and each one, secretly worries, wondering if they might be losing their grip on reality.

This believable mystery, Deeper Into the Void, has enough drama and suspense to come in at four-stars. Buy on Amazon.

However, because his hands were badly frostbitten , he was unable to tie the knots properly and accidentally dropped one of the cords required to ascend the rope. The pair were stuck in a very bad situation.

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Deeper into the Void [Mitchell A Duncan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With billions invested in the successful industrialization and. Editorial Reviews. Review. Author, Mitchell A. Duncan has created a most tantalizing, sci-fi and psychological fiction with Deeper Into the Void. This believable.

Simpson could not climb up the rope, Yates could not pull him back up, the cliff was too high for Simpson to be lowered down, and they could not communicate. They remained in this position for some time, until it was obvious to Yates that the snow around his belay seat was about to give out. Because the pair were tied together, they would both be pulled to their deaths. Yates had to make the hard decision to cut the rope in order to save his own life.

When Yates cut the rope, Simpson plummeted down the cliff and into a deep crevasse. Exhausted and suffering from hypothermia , Yates dug himself a snow cave to wait out the storm. The next day, Yates carried on descending the mountain by himself. When he reached the crevasse he realized the situation that Simpson had been in and what had happened when he cut the rope.

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After calling for Simpson and hearing no reply, Yates made the assumption that Simpson had died and so continued down the mountain alone. Simpson, however, was still alive. When Simpson regained consciousness, he discovered that the rope had been cut and realized that Yates would presume that he was dead. He therefore had to save himself. It was impossible for Simpson to climb up to the entrance of the crevasse because of the overhanging ice and his broken leg. However, her focus shifted to a growling sound that came from some sort of creature.

Frightened, Eleven fled and the experiment was aborted. On November 6, Dr.

The cavity is the first major inner structure discovered in the pyramid since the 1800s.

Brenner decided to hold another experiment. Intrigued by the creature, he urged Eleven to make contact, saying it was reaching out to her.

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When she found the Demogorgon , it appeared to be hunched over and feeding on a large egg. Cautiously, she approached and made contact. This caused a rift to another dimension to open and subsequently unleashed the Monster upon Hawkins. The group then came up with a plan to build a makeshift deprivation tank, setting it up at the Middle School.

She first set out to find Barb, but unfortunately only found her corpse. The gruesome sight made Eleven panic and scream.

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After being comforted by Joyce , Eleven continued to search for Will. She found him hiding from the Demogorgon in Castle Byers.

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Relaying Joyce's message, she told him to hold on and that his mother would be coming for him. However, she suddenly lost contact and Will vanished.

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Eleven primarily used the Void to visit Mike during their year of separation and attempted to contact him almost every night, though unsuccessful.