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Probably not a lot. To get to know someone, to get wrapped up in love, to be blinded, to let yourself go, to recover, and to fall in love again. Our daily obligations are gruelling, and at the end of a long day, we sink into the sofa to read, watch TV, or check social media. Tiredness stops us from jumping around in bed with our partner. Marcuse understood it well: few are the minutes we dedicate to pleasure. We spend most of the day at work in exchange for a wage and what remains is for sleep and basic needs of nutrition and hygiene and the thousand other obligations of postmodern urban life.

Yes, our daily obligations are gruelling.

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And at the end of a long day, we sink into the sofa to read, watch TV, or check social media and forget about our worries for a short while. Being polyamorous is not easy. The tyranny of time elapsing dilutes when we fall wildly in love. We become free when the high of new love disrupts our perception of and relation to time, as if we were taking drugs.

We stop watching the clock, intense nights of love feel short, sublime moments suspend time and make us eternal. Yes, love makes us goddesses of time. Under the influence of passion we are capable of savouring every second of love, grasping the present in our hands and living the now with a thrilling intensity. Time no longer goes by inexorably second by second towards the future at a monotonous rhythm. Our organism, too, is transformed and we acquire superpowers. The chemistry of love is so strong that we are capable of spending entire nights with our loved one without sleeping, and of going to work every day and fulfilling our obligations as if nothing had happened: the only thing that gives you away is the permanent smile, the dark circles under your eyes, the glowing skin, and the shiny hair.

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A Time for Love may refer to: A Time for Love (Arturo Sandoval album), a Latin jazz album; A Time for Love (film), a Hong Kong film; A Time for Love . Shirley Horn recorded “A Time for Love” under the direction of composer/ arranger Mandel on her memorable CD Here's to Life. - Sandra Burlingame .

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Roseanna Vitro. Diane Schuur. Time for Love. Pascal von Wroblewsky. Laila Dalseth, featuring Red Mitchell. Abbey Lincoln featuring Stan Getz. Carmen Lundy. Shirley Horn with Strings.

A Time for Love

Ann Hampton Callaway. Phillip Manuel. Mike Campbell [US2]. Ingela Bergman - Ronny Johansson Trio.

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Time for Love 5. I knew something was going on with these two from hints in their earlier scenes and now I know what happened. Based on a controversial novel by Norman Mailer, An American Dream starred Stuart Whitman as a congressman who, having achieved great success in all of his endeavors, kills his wife Eleanor Parker in a drunken rage. This Kansas City chanteuse was a one-of-a-kind vocalist who could sing the words from a till receipt and make it sound supremely soulful. When she isn't reading or writing, she loves spending time with family and traveling whenever possible. What else? Gwen and Craig meet when they are ten and pretty much become best friends after, they are together all the time tagging along with their older siblings.

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